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Trolling on Lakes Muojärvi & Kuusamojärvi

Trolling is a leisurely fishing method, suitable for many. Experienced fishing guides are taking you out on the clear and pure lakes straight from Ollila Cottages with proper lure fishing boats.

The boats take up to 4 adult fishermen and we can use up to 12 rods. We will take you to the best fishing sites on the lakes.

The fishing experience starts with the boat ride to the fishing site, remember to admire the beautiful lake shore landscapes, lush forests and open bogs, framed by the hills in the horizon.

Price: €450/boat + fishing licence

Duration: 4 hrs. Max. 4 people/boat. Classification: fishermen, also beginners. Includes: guided trolling excursion, use of boat, fishing gear (if needed), lunch packs.

Note: Price does not include transfers, in case guests are staying elsewhere than Ollila Cottages, we can arrange transfer on request.

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