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Ollila Holiday Cottages

Kuusamo, Finland

Ollila Holiday Cottages

Kuusamo, Finland

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Three generations of tourist services in Kuusamo

Matkailupalveluja jo kolmannessa polvessa Kuusamossa

Our eight recently renovated lakeside cottages are cosy and set in tranquil locations. All the cabins are equipped with modern conveniences.

The centre of Ollila Holiday Cottages is our private restaurant Juomuskota, where you can have breakfasts, lunches and dinners prepared from locally produced ingredients. For instance, our speciality Fisherman’s Favourites is a buffet-style dinner packed with fresh catch from Lake Muojärvi. Our restaurant facilities provide a great opportunity to organize private celebrations or commemorations, as well as recreational days or meetings for companies.

Fishing is an everyday activity in our family. You can have a go at fishing yourself together with professional fishers. Our activities give you magical nature experiences in summer and in winter. We will help you change into the necessary gear for the activities at our newly completed Safari House.

Holiday Cottages

8 cosy lakeshore cottages

Holiday at a cottage is a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy being closer to nature. Take part in our weekly program or take some time to sit on the terrace admiring the view, read a good book, relax in a wood-fired sauna, or go hiking, skiing or snowshoeing and explore the neighbourhood.

Locally produced food

Private Restaurant Juomuskota

Fish from our lake, venison, reindeer, wild berries and mushrooms from our woods, locally grown vegetables, mixed with loads of tradition – our delicious dinner is ready!
Come and enjoy our authentic and tasty meals!

Activities in nature

Enjoy the outdoors in summer

Many great activities to do here.
Pick your favourite!
Each activity gives you unique experiences and a chance to enjoy nature and the seasons. Make some time for fun and jump in to try new things!