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Restaurant Juomuskota

The Genuine Taste of Northern Finnish Countryside!

Our private restaurant is well-suited for weddings, family gatherings, birthdays, and meetings. There is a big fireplace in the spacious main hall which adds to the rich rural atmosphere.

Our menu includes many local delicacies such as vegetables, forest mushooms, meats, and fish in its many varieties, which is our speciality.

Local food

The restaurant menu is comprised of dishes made of tasty local vegetables, forest mushrooms and meats. The abundance of foodstuffs in the surrounding wilderness was one of the factors that contributed to the settling of our village. The ancient tastes are still available: the handsome heathlands are rich with wild mushrooms, which in turn guarantee us succulent reindeer roasts, and the wide open lakes breed plenty of fish and also offer enough warmth and moisture for our forest berries and vegetables. The generations old tradition of fishing forms the basis for the speciality of our kitchen, fresh fish, which we serve prepared in many delicious ways.

We also offer you selected wines to accompany all our menus, in order to provide a delicious harmony of tastes in every meal.

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Ollilan lomamajat

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